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Men's Suit Colors for Different Occasions

Numerologists say the year 2024 will push us to uncover and pursue our deepest desires. 

We exude confidence when we feel good about how we look!  To enhance your journey toward success, this year's newsletters will lead you through the curated Essential Wardrobe Item list, starting with its core suiting components. 

In this newsletter you will learn if a navy or a gray suit is more appropriate for you and what you can pair with either suit. 

Both gray and navy suits are essential wardrobe items but each has its own unique characteristics. The versatility of the suit depends on factors like the shade, fabric, and styling. Here's a brief comparison:

Gray Suit:

  • Shades: Lighter are more suitable for spring and summer, while darker gray like charcoal is less seasonal

  • Versatility: Light gray suits are often seen as more casual, while darker grays are more suitable for formal occasions.

Navy Suit:

  • Color: Navy is a classic and timeless color that works well in various settings.

  • Versatility: Navy suits are highly versatile and can be worn for both formal and semi-formal events. They pair well with a variety of shirt and tie combinations.

What do I wear with my gray or navy suit?  Start with your:


  • White Shirt: A classic choice that works well for any occasion and with any article of clothing..

  • Light Blue Shirt: Another versatile option that compliments both gray and navy and looks good on anyone. It's slightly less formal than white but still appropriate for many settings.

  • Light Pink Shirt: For a touch of soft color without being too bold

  • Small but sophisticated texture or micro pattern in the above colors also works quite well while setting you apart ever so slightly


  • Solid Ties: Solid color ties in shades in classic colors provide a sophisticated and polished look.

  • Striped Ties: Subtle striped ties in complementary colors can add a bit of texture and interest to your ensemble.

  • Patterned Ties: The smaller the pattern, the closest to your body the garment should be worn. 

Pocket Square:

  • Adding a pocket square in a coordinating color or pattern can elevate your look. It should never be the same pattern as your tie but should complement the overall color scheme.


  • Black Shoes: Classic black shoes in an oxford or monk style are a safe and elegant choice. They go well with almost any shade of gray.

  • Brown Shoes: Cognac shade of brown shoes work well.  Loafers are also an acceptable style of footwear if the occasion is not super formal


  • Match your belt color with your shoe color for a polished appearance.


  • Socks should match your trouser unless you are wearing a super fun sock!

In summary, if you're looking for an all-around versatile option, look for a gram weight of 250-295, medium to dark gray or classic navy color, 2 button closure, flap or jetted pockets and a notch lapel. The items you pair your suit with will set you apart from the status quo and create a sense of confidence and individuality that is reflective of your unique style. Ultimately, personal preference and the context in which you plan to wear the suit should also help guide you.

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