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How to Dress for a Special Event

A Guide to Men’s Clothing Fashions

Are you unsure how to dress for your upcoming special events?

The key is to choose an outfit that is both elegant and comfortable, that allows you to mingle and socialize with others. When you find a balance between elegance and comfort you are able to enjoy the finer things in life.

If you are attending our wine tasting at Gracie’s on November 15th here are a few tips that will guide you to dressing for this particular event. If you feel confident in your style of dress, you can focus on savoring the wine, the company and the atmosphere while looking your best.

The Piedmont area is known for its exceptional wines, unique culture and understated elegance. The wines from this region are robust reds such as Barolo and Barbaresco.

Here are some ideas on how to infuse a bit of Italian style into your outfits:

Understanding the culture of the environment is critical in selecting your attire for any event. When selecting what to wear, always consider the formality of the event, the time of year, the location and the climate.

Keep your outfit simple and well tailored, reflecting the region's refined style.

The Piedmont countryside features rolling hills, and vineyards so embrace earthy tones such as red, rust, browns and olive greens.

Consider wearing a well fitted, tartan patterned blazer in a seasonal weight wool, complemented by a tie, pocket square, or red socks to pay homage to the rich red hues.

If a tartan or patterned sport coat is too bold for you, consider adding a scarf in a rich hue or bold pattern. Italians often wear scarves as an everyday accessory with a suit or sport coat.

A classic fabric from The Vitale Barbera Canonico mill is a must have for your wardrobe.

This mill, in the Biella region in the northern section of Piedmont, has been around since the 1600’s.

The clean water, hilly topography, superior fabrics, innovative machinery, and quality artisans are some of the many reasons why the fabrics from this region are so luxurious.

Below are a links with a selection of limited edition fabrics from these Italian Regions:

When selecting your ensemble, consider pairing a rich-colored and textured fabric such as one of these shown, in either a sport coat or trouser.

Add a polished loafer, rugged chukka boot and a coordinating belt.

A simple tailored shirt or sweater and a pocket square that commands attention and power is a great complement to your ensemble.

If you have any questions on your wardrobe selection, feel free to contact me either by phone or by booking your appointment today!

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