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Roaring Fashions Wardrobes & Personal Styling for Men

  • What's a personal stylist?
    A men's personal stylist is your partner for all of your wardrobe needs. Our personal stylist services include helping you refine your unique style, selecting your clothes from our online shop, our boutique, world renowned vendors and custom tailored pieces.
  • What's the best way to start working with Cheryl, directly?
    You can shop our online store of carefully selected brands. Only quality, socially responsible brands that blend comfort and function are chosen by expert men's fashion consultant Cheryl Petteruti. But, we recommend starting with your free 15 minute wardrobe consultation. Take advantage of expert advice to create your style. Then, you can shop online yourself. Or, you can work with Cheryl closely, 1:1 for all of your wardrobe needs. You choose how involved we are.
  • Do you travel to provide personal stylist and wardrobe services to clients outside of Rhode Island?
    Yes. depending on the client's needs, Cheryl personally travels to NY, MA, CT & NH and all throughout Rhode Island to meet with clients to measure, and help build your wardrobe.
  • Do you offer complimentary consultations for new clients?
    Yes. We offer complimentary 15 minutes consultations to help new clients get started building their personal style.
  • Do you offer virtual styling services, or do we have to meet in person?
    Either. It's up to you. Roaring Fashions offers virtual styling services remotely, so we can help you build your wardrobe, regardless of where you are located. We have several clients taking advantage of our virtual styling services.
  • How large of a budget do I need to start creating my timeless wardrobe?
    The beauty of Roaring Fashions is we build your wardrobe your way, at your pace. After you and your expert stylist personalize your style, you choose the next step. You can start with a Roaring Fashions Crew Tee, and work your way up from there. Or, we can buld your complete wardrobe from the start. Other clients will add an outfit for each new event. We make a plan that's right for you, your budget and your style.
  • I'm looking for a new job, will a new wardrobe help?
    Absolutely! But don't just take our word for it. For 95% of employers surveyed, personal appearance is a contributing factor when determining whether an applicant is suitable for the job. (Forbes, 2015)
  • Do you build wardrobe's for women? Or are personal stylist services only available for men?
    We only provide personal stylist services and wardrobe curation for the men's fashion category.
  • How do you make sure my clothing fits if we only meet virtually?
    Clothing fits are crucial to your style and comfort. Properly fitting clothes is a criticial part of the Roaring Fashons wardrobe design process. If we're unable to meet in person, we have several options to ensuring accurate clothing fits and comfort. We'll speak about it during your free 15 minute wardrobe consultation.
  • Will my personal stylist help me stay up on the latest fashion trends?
    Trends come and go but style is timeless. Figuring out the latest styles and trends in the busy fashion world can be impossible. Your stylist takes care of that for you.
  • I'm not sure if my wardrobe is right, can you help me find out?
    Of course! That's what truly personalized personal styling is all about. Start with your free 15 minute wardrobe consultation, then we'll speak about any concerns you have about your clothing. Typically, for most new clients the next step is a complete closet audit. We itemize what you have, what you should keep and where to start your new wardrobe.
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