Consult With a Personal Stylist


As a designer, artist, clothier and mother of five grown adults, I understand my clients needs and how to create wardrobes for them that are reflective of their individuality. It is important to understand the psychology and the subliminal messages hidden in how you look and how you engage with the world. I offer every client a personal consultation and a simple approach to dressing. Clothing is the primary nonverbal influencer you have when making a first impression. The value you obtain when your wardrobe is well designed with your needs in mind, is priceless. Together we create a personal style that looks effortless, has an air of sophistication and makes you feel great. When you look and feel great, the world takes notice, and the next step of your journey becomes very clear.

I invite you to schedule a video consultation below, together we will develop your personal style and build a wardrobe that truly expresses yourself.