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Men's Custom Suits

Create Suits For Weddings & Special Occasions

We provide formal, semi-formal, cocktail or casual beach attire for the groom and wedding party. We combine craftsmanship with your individual flair, creating a unique and personal wedding wardrobe that will take you from your rehearsals to your honeymoon.

Regardless of the type of event you have coming up, we'll build you a style to captivate the room. As a new client, the best way to get started is by booking a complimentary 15 minute wardrobe consultation.

Luke and Sarah Lighthouse

Other than a white tie event, a black tie is the crème de la crème of formal events.  It’s the event that expects the most formal attire.

Black Tie  Style:

Black tie attire looks are timeless, and you must wear a tuxedo or a classic interpretation of a tuxedo. There are very specific accessories to accompany your formal look.


Black tie events are usually among the most significant experiences of one’s life, so it is important not to cut corners when it comes to your event tuxedo and accessories.


Fabric Type & Patterns:

Fabrics such as wool or wool blend either in solid, or jacquard patterns are ideal for your black-tie attire.  


Depending on your preference, either satin or grosgrain strips of fabric will be on the lapel and pockets of the jacket.  The outer seam of the trousers will also feature the grosgrain or satin accent for added formality.

Strategy to Stand Out:

The accessories you choose to accompany your tuxedo such as socks, cufflinks, bow tie, pocket square might be the very things that help you stand out from the sea of penguins.


While some gentleman may choose to wear a long tie with their tuxedo, a classic black tie event calls for a bow tie and it should match the accent fabric on the tuxedo.

Photos by Penny Souza Photography

Cocktail Men's Wedding Attire

Cream Suit.png

This type of event is a cross between casual daywear and formal evening wear. 

Cocktail Style:

How far can you push the envelope while still making a grand statement with your style of dress.


If you choose to wear a suit, maybe you opt for a double breasted or a larger peak lapel. You might also consider a color that you don’t normally have in your wardrobe.

Fabric Type & Patterns:

The possibilities on fabric, style, pattern and cut are vast and can be as unique as you would like.  


When selecting the fabric and pattern for this attire, choose something that you love and that you will wear again because you love how you look and you feel awesome in it.

Strategy to Stand Out:

While many consider cocktail attire on par with business attire, you want your look to be one of individuality and Italian Sprezzatura.


This look of sophistication and style can only be achieved if your clothing is tailored to your body and the design details are on par with the subtle precision of your personality.  


Casual Men's Wedding Attire

Casual with polo.png

A casual wedding , although the attire might not be formal, it is still a milestone and a 

momentous occasion. 

Casual Style:

For this type of event, you may choose a sport coat and pair of trousers or a suit, but instead of opting for a shirt and tie, you decide to go with a polo or tailored tee.


Your style is now, more than ever, dictated by the fit of your garments and the accessories you select to complement your look.  


The proper shoes, belt, sock and pocket square will have everyone wondering how you look so great, so comfortable, yet so sophisticated and appropriately dressed for the event. 

Fabric Type & Patterns:

The larger the pattern and the bolder the color, the less dressy the look is. When selecting the fabric and pattern for this attire, don’t be afraid to mix patterns but make sure you understand the rules of pattern mixing before you decide to break them.  

Strategy to Stand Out:

While many don’t understand pattern matching, it gives a real sense of individuality to your wardrobe when you know how it works.  If you are wearing a couple of well fitted, patterned pieces, you will have everyone wondering how you look so good in a style that they can’t seem to wrap their head around.   


Perry Cotter Alone53.jpg

This type of formal event gives you an option to choose your tuxedo or your most formal dark colored suit.

Black Tie Optional Style:

Black tie option can be a creative way for you to shine, so choose the option that you are most comfortable with and that will have you heads turning the moment you walk into a room. 

Fabric Type & Patterns:

A dark navy, or charcoal grey will give you the most formal of looks.


Depending on the season, an elegant tweed, a twill or pinpoint wool, or a wool silk linen blend, will all add texture and interest to your formal suit.

Strategy to Stand Out:

If you decide to add a waistcoat or wear a bowtie instead of a long tie, you will be one step ahead of most.  


A coordinated pocket square, an elegant pair of socks and a great pair of monk or double monk shoes will add an element of sophistication.


Eyes from around the room will be moving from the top of your head to your feet all evening long.

Photos by @lovesundayphoto


Semi-formal Men's Wedding Attire


This type of formal event gives you an option to choose whether you want to wear a suit or a sport coat paired with a nicely tailored pair of trousers.

Semi-Formal Style:

Season, venue, time of day and theme will help you decide the best attire to choose for this event.  


For example, if it is a daytime summer wedding, you will want something light in color and in fabric weight.  


If it is an evening wedding that begins after 6:00 pm, a more formal ensemble is required.

Fabric Type & Patterns:

Fabric and pattern for this style are diverse. They range from wool, wool blend, cotton, silk, bamboo, seersucker, flannel, tweed, and the list goes on.


The options are limitless so have some fun and be creative and let your best self be represented in a dashing and debonaire manner.

Strategy to Stand Out:

If you decide to wear a sport coat and pair of tailored trousers, choose a pattern for either your top or bottom.


If you choose to wear a suit, select one that is a bit more unique than your classic wedding or funeral suit.


A coordinated pocket square, a well paired tie, a fun pair of socks and a great pair of oxford shoes will add an element of individuality and elegance that will be eye popping all evening long.


Men's Summer Wedding Attire


Beach weddings are where you want to keep the colors and the fabrics light.


Beach Style:

Beach wedding attire is the definition of business casual. It's a blend of casual daywear and formal evening wear.


You can choose a lighter colored suit. Or sport coat and trousers.

Fabric Type & Patterns:

Fabrics like linen, cotton, silk and bamboo are ideal fabrics for summer wedding attire

Strategy to Stand Out:

A side strap and buckle option on your trousers eliminate the need for a belt and gives a cooler and sophisticated look to your casual beach attire.

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