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About Roaring Fashions

Your Complete Wardrobe Experience

Roaring Fashions began in 2020, when the world of fashion and our sense of style spiraled into uncharted territories. As an artist, architect, custom clothier and mother of four grown men, Cheryl, our founder, saw the need to help her clients feel great.

Discover our story

Roaring Fashions delivers you fluid tailoring and stylish clothing. Every item we curate for your wardrobe combines comfort and functionality.


Cheryl Petteruti designs, curates and builds wardrobes that are accessible, elegant and sophisticated. The social change of 2020 is reflected in our passion. It's also given rise to a more casual, comfortable and relaxed style of clothing.


Roaring Fashions reflects the time in which it was created. We're inspired by history and it's reflected in the wardrobes we create for you. It dates back about a century, to when society decided that the function of clothing was equally as important as its form. Our style is marked with new found simplicity and a richness in color and fabric that defines our current lifestyle. With this in mind, your clothing will embody the principle of relaxed elegance, producing soft tailoring, exquisite knitwear, uniquely crafted footwear, custom designed tee shirts and so much more.


We provide you with craftsmanship, personal service and exacting quality. This, paired with our ability to help you create a unique wardrobe, is the foundation on which we bring to you enduring garments that will help you define and express the best version of yourself!

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Figuring out what to wear is difficult for most men. Feel comfort knowing a proven expert is building your wardrobe. We understand you.

  • You want to look good, and feel good.

  • You need some help from an expert clothier, that understands you and your style.

  • You need a wardrobe that instills confidence, and portrays success in any environment.


I crave that unexpected moment when a client calls me, ecstatic, for the first time because someone told them how great they looked. Because of a few kind words, their attitude was impacted and made them feel great..

Every client has that unforgettable, life changing moment. 

I wonder, what will yours be?

Join me for your complimentary wardrobe session, and we'll find out, together.

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