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What a Wedding, but what an Outfit!

Formal, Semi Formal, Cocktail and Casual Men’s Wedding Attire…. What should you wear?

Whatever level of formality that you have chosen for your special day, we have you covered. We offer every style of men’s wedding attire that you can see yourself wearing.

We combine craftsmanship with your individual flair, creating a unique and personal wedding wardrobe that will take you from your rehearsals to your honeymoon.

Great style is something that you deserve, on your wedding day and for the rest of your life. Begin your new journey with the attire that will give you the confidence and comfort that will help you present the best version of yourself to your partner, your family and all of your friends who gather with you to celebrate your union.

Formal Men’s Wedding Attire:

Black Tie:

A tuxedo comes in all shapes and sizes but you will never go wrong with a classic black peak lapel tux. Shawl collars, color variations, and stylistic details are optional details that you may choose, depending on what your style of formal attire may be.

Black tie is most commonly a tuxedo worn with a bow tie, although some will opt for a straight necktie. Your shirt should have French cuffs. Family heirloom or cufflinks with great memories will add a touch of personalization to your shirt.

You have the option of a pocket square which you absolutely should include. A waistcoat and cummerbund are also optional items that you may select to take your tux to the ultimate level of sophistication.

Shoes should be dark and polished, and worn with dark dress socks that are the color of your tux. Your trousers can be worn with braces or side straps and this option eliminates the need for a coordinating belt.

Formal Men’s Wedding Attire:

Black Tie Optional:

When you have the option of black tie, you may choose your tux or a formal suit. Remember, the darker the color, the more formal the suit is.

If you choose not to wear your tux, stick to the most formal suit you have in a dark color. A three piece suit will also look great if you are looking to up your wedding attire.

When you coordinate this type of suit with a white shirt, french cuffs and an appropriate tie and pocket square, you will have a dynamite suit that is appropriate for any black tie optional event.

Shoes should be dark and polished, and worn with dark dress socks that are the color of your tux. Your trousers can be worn with braces or side straps and this option eliminates the need for a coordinating belt.

Semi Formal Men’s Wedding Attire:

A semi formal event calls for suits but not tuxedos. The suit you choose should be dictated by the location of the event and the time of year.

If it's semiformal during the cooler months, you'll see darker colors and heavier fabrics. If it's spring or summer and/or held outside, you'll likely see less black and more light grays and beige.

Dress shirt, tie, pocket square, socks that match your trousers and an oxford, derby or monk polished shoe with a coordinating belt will complete this semi-formal men’s wedding attire.

Cocktail Men’s Wedding Attire:

Cocktail dress is that one that everyone asks, “what are you wearing”? It is a cross between casual daywear and formal evening wear and can be vague in style. It’s like the definition of business casual. How far can you take it and still look great?

If you choose to wear a suit, be creative and have some fun with your outfit. For this type of event, you can coordinate a sport coat with a great pair of trousers.

Depending on the venue, and the time of year of the event, colored pants might be a fun option but it is still cocktail attire, so don’t go crazy.

You don't necessarily need to wear a tie, but a pocket square is a must. If you have mixed patterns, choose something that brings it all together. As for shoes, you could do a lace-up or maybe even a polished loafer or driving moccasin and of course, a coordinating leather or braided belt.

Men’s Wedding Attire for Summer:

Beach Attire:

Because the darker the suit the more formal it is, a beach wedding calls for a lighter colored suit or sport coat and trousers.

Fabrics like linen, cotton, silk and bamboo are ideal fabrics for summer wedding attire. A side strap and buckle option on your trousers eliminate the need for a belt

and gives a cooler and sophisticated look to your casual beach attire.

If you choose to wear a tie or a pocket square, also choose items in light colors and fabrics. Shoes can be none, sandals or moccasin. Just remember you will be walking in sand and possibly water so you need to be comfortable and smart about your shoe selection.

Casual Men’s Wedding Attire:

A casual event is still dressy, but not necessarily to the level of a suit. You can select trousers with a dress shirt, crewneck tee, polo shirt, or sweater and a tailored sport coat.

Tie and pocket squares are always an option to take your game to the next level and if the pocket square is folded conservatively, it’ll just add a touch of sophistication that is only visible to the sophisticated dressers.

Shoes should be appropriate for the venue and time of year, but a dressy sneaker usually doesn’t make the cut. A loafer, driving moccasin or monk shoe with a coordinating braided belt will most definitely complete your casual mens wedding attire outfit.

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