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Wardrobe Essentials

Over the next few months, we will be highlighting inspirational style tips that we have taken from the history of menswear. Every person in this field has taken inspiration from the past at one time or another and no era has been overlooked.I hope you enjoy the article below and I look forward to sharing our next lesson on this journey

Our Goal at Roaring Fashions is to provide you with the tools that you need to empower and portray the confidence you possess. If you are just starting to build a wardrobe, or if you are looking to update your existing wardrobe, we will work with you to provide you with curated garments that fit your body and lifestyle. When you look good, you feel good and the best version of yourself is portrayed to everyone that you meet.

Unlike fast fashion, iconic menswear is not centered around seasonal trends, cyclical fads or impulse purchases. True style is permanent and timeless and it is ruled by history and tradition. It's about heritage, craftsmanship, fabric, design, sustainability and personalization. We work with only the finest mills,vendors and workrooms throughout the world. In doing so, we are able to provide you with the wardrobe staples that give you the power to project the confidence that fosters your success.

In this world, there is only one you. Therefore, you should have a unique wardrobe that expresses your individual style and personality. Below is a list of essential garments that will help your exterior image mirror the man behind the clothes. As time passes and your style becomes more sophisticated, we will continually help you update your wardrobe to reflect your personal and professional journey of success.

Essential Pieces that every gentleman should own:

  • Grey Suit

  • Navy Suit

  • Navy Blazer

  • White Dress Shirt

  • Blue Dress Shirt

  • Patterned Dress Shirt

  • Silk and/or knit Ties (both solid and patterned)

  • Pocket Square

  • Oxford Shoe in Black

  • Oxford Shoe in Cognac

  • Black Belt

  • Cognac Belt

  • Loafers in Blue or Brown

  • Belt in Blue or Brown

  • White Trainers

  • Chelsea or Chukka Boot

  • Leather Flip Flops

  • Dark Denim Trousers

  • Cotton 5 pocket trousers

  • White, Blue and Pink Polo Shirts

  • Navy, White and Black Tee Shirts

  • Navy Shorts 9”-10” inseam

  • Swim suit

  • Merino v-neck sweater

  • Merino crew sweater

  • ¼ zip sweater

  • Bomber Jacket

  • Dress Coat

  • Leather Gloves

Secondary pieces to complement your Essential Wardrobe:

  • Wool Blend/Flannel Solid or Patterned Sport Coat

  • Wool Blend/Linen Silk Solid or Patterned Sport Coat

  • Flannel Trousers

  • Linen Blend Trousers in beige or navy

  • Linen long sleeve shirt in white or light blue

  • Denim long sleeve shirt

  • Light wash denim trousers

  • Corduroy trousers

  • Cable knit or blended cardigan

  • Soft jacket

  • Commuter Trousers, Commuter Button Down Shirts, Commuter Polo Shirt

  • Messenger Bag or leather weekender

  • Dress Watch

  • Cufflinks

  • Cologne

Athletic Apparel

Athleisure Apparel depending on the activities you participate in.

  • Golf trousers, wicking polo shirts, stretch belts and coordinating golf shoes

  • Tennis shorts, wicking polo shirts, white athletic trainers

Step 2:

For the savvy guy who wants to develop a seasonal wardrobe:

As you develop a more sophisticated and seasonal wardrobe, you will learn how to blend contemporary colors, prints and textures with timeless silhouettes and details. Thus providing you with clothing that lasts a long time and often looks like something new.

White trousers are a staple for the seasonal closet. They work as a neutral color that balances a bold, colorful jacket, and gives back a summer vibe, especially if paired with a linen shirt and a pair of driving mocs or loafers.

When dressing for a formal event, glen plaid, pinstripes, micro-checks or a dark grey or a navy suit are usually appropriate and relatively easy to put together. How you dress for a semi formal or casual event is a bit trickier. Having the same type of garments but in different styles and cuts gives you a diverse way to dress. For example, the same glen plaid can be made with a soft shoulder unstructured body– that is, softer on the shoulder and not cut quite so close to the body. The padding and inner linings normally found in structured jackets are removed to give them a relaxed fit.

Dressing the unstructured jacket is simple. Take a button shirt and leave the collar unbuttoned. You can also layer one of your nice dress tees under an unconstructed jacket. A woven silk tie is a great replacement for the more classic business tie. Adding this type or even a silk knit tie gives back some much-loved texture to the flatness of a shirt.

Italians have a word for looking so stylish and put together! They call it sprezzatura, and it is all in the styling and looks like you haven’t tried. For instance, when wearing a belt try moving the buckle off-center and then wrap the leftover leather around the belt itself. Or why not wear leather monk shoes with no socks and the buckles unfastened. Imperfect, yes. But perfectly unique and gives you a sense of individuality and that effortless look. bend or even break, traditional fashion rules for the greater good of the outfit.

Once you know the rules of dressing, you can bend or even break them for the greater good of the outfit. If done with careful consideration and fit is never compromised you can eloquently manipulate them; beating fashion at its own game. Breaking the rules in the name of style is the craft of the well dressed man. When it all comes together, you can tell simply by looking in the mirror, that what you’ve created with a looser tie knot or a half-tucking of a shirt, is a pure fashion crime but it works and you look great!

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