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Custom Fit Shirt -- Custom Feel!

Why should custom shirts be the cornerstone of your wardrobe?

Did you know there are only 7 templates made for all the button down shirts you will find in any department store in America? Just 7 templates! Look around, see all those different shapes and sizes people come in. How can just 7 templates accommodate the unique physiques of all of us?

They can't. Off-the-rack shirts fit very few men well. The collar is often too tight, the sleeves too short or too long, the midsection too blousy or too tight……. A shirt made from a templated pattern does not accommodate for individual body specs or unique body traits.

That is why a custom shirt that fits your unique body type is an essential garment that should be the starting point of your wardrobe evolution. You will love the way the shirt feels and looks and the confidence you exude when you feel great about the way you look is contagious!

How is a custom fit shirt made differently than off the rack?

The first time you slip on a custom fit button down you know it’s going to fit better than anything you’ve ever bought in a department store. The ability to move your arms without limitation. No billowing fabric around the midsection that you have to bunch together in order to tuck in. No buttons that are straining to stay closed. And it’s not just about the feel, you also look better in a custom fit shirt as well.

At Roaring Fashions, we create custom shirts by designing a unique pattern that takes into account the most important physical traits that make you, you. Measurements like posture, shoulder slope, incline and arm position, all of which are essential to making sure the shirt is cut to your particular body type.

Custom shirts also give you the ability to create a shirt tailored to your personal style preferences. Details like button placement, contrasting fabrics, single or double buttons, placket or no placket, pocket arrangement, round cuffs, square cuffs, convertible cuffs, mitered or French mitered, there are endless possibilities and style combinations.

Here we see a 2 button mitred cuff with contrasting fabric on the inside of the cuff and on the sleeve placket.

The Process of Creating Your Custom Shirt

  • We start by taking 20 body measurements and physical observations. This attention to detail enables us to make a great fitting shirt for men of any shape and size.

  • Next we work with our client to select fabrics, contrasting fabrics, buttons and thread options that suit their style.

  • We take into account your face, neck, body type and skin tone to suggest the most flattering collar and style choices.

  • Your pattern is created.

  • Four weeks later, your shirt is delivered and the fit is confirmed!

  • If any pattern modifications are needed, it is done by our local tailor and adjusted in your pattern.

  • From that point forward, any type of shirt can be made for you with a simple phone call or brief visit to the studio.

  • We even copy the pattern of your favorite shirt and do a remote fitting session.

What custom shirt patterns are in style for Spring of 2023?

Contrasting colors that bring together the desire for rest and relaxation with classic details and seasonless hues are dominating the palette in 2023. You will see a lot of orange, green and fun prints. Think high color and expressive designs. Monochrome looks continue to decline as people search for authentic fun and grounded optimism, but the classic white button down never goes out of style.

Collar options are endless in both style, fusing, and placement. Here is an example of some fun options with a few accents. Contrasting fabric, thread color, button color, 2 button collar vs 1 button collar….

No matter the design, whether it’s a fun print with contrasting fabrics, a flannel shirt, a linen shirt, a check, stripe or plaid shirt, a classic white tuxedo shirt with French mitered cuffs, studs and pleated placket or a white cotton linen shirt with epaulets, mitred cuff with contrasting fabric and contrasting stitching and buttons, to name just a few of your options………. a custom shirt designed and created just for you has the style and fit that will make you stand out in a subtle, yet distinguished way.

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