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Black Tie Optional

Men's Wedding Attire

This type of formal event gives you an option to choose your tuxedo or your most formal dark colored suit.

Black Tie Optional Style:

Black tie option can be a creative way for you to shine, so choose the option that you are most comfortable with and that will have you heads turning the moment you walk into a room. 

Fabric Type & Patterns:

A dark navy, or charcoal grey will give you the most formal of looks.


Depending on the season, an elegant tweed, a twill or pinpoint wool, or a wool silk linen blend, will all add texture and interest to your formal suit.

Strategy to Stand Out:

If you decide to add a waistcoat or wear a bowtie instead of a long tie, you will be one step ahead of most.  

A coordinated pocket square, an elegant pair of socks and a great pair of monk or double monk shoes will add an element of sophistication.


Eyes from around the room will be moving from the top of your head to your feet all evening long.

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