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Do You Want to Dress Like a Million Bucks?

I make getting dressed easy, personalized & fun!

Discover Cheryl's truly personalized approach to building your style & custom clothing.

After your first style session, you decide how we work together. We can partner with you online, in our East Greenwich, RI boutique or we can even come to you depending on your needs!

Here's what happens after you book your session:

  • We send you a confirmation email with a link for a short 2 minute style quiz so Cheryl can learn a bit about you before you meet.

  • Completing the style quiz is recommended, not required.

During your Personalized Wardrobe Consultation

  • Cheryl speaks with you about your personal style and delivers actionable advice.

  • Together, we make a plan that fits your budget and your lifestyle. 

  • You can start with individualized pieces from our online shop and RI Boutique, custom tailored pieces or a full wardrobe. 

Dress confidently knowing you look good with the help of a proven expert building your wardrobe.

  • You want to look good, and feel good.

  • You need some help from an expert clothier, that understands you and your style.

  • You need a wardrobe that instills confidence, and portrays success.

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What happens after my complimentary consult?

After the first meeting, we setup a full style session. First, we take your measurements.

Then, we speak in detail about everything that impacts your personal style plan. Whether it's just one outfit to start, or a whole wardrobe, your style & comfort are essential.


So it's crucial we learn all the details we need to build your wardrobe to reflect who you are. 

  • body weight,

  • age,

  • skin tone,

  • hair color,

  • hobbies & interests.

  • work environment

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